USPS Market Dominant Products & Services: New Price Cells
Posted on March 9th, 2016

The following changes to postage statements are effective April 10, 2016:
  • Standard Mail (PS Form 3602-EZ, 3602-N, 3602-NZ and 3602-R) – updates to all price cells
  • First-Class Mail (PS Form 3600-EZ) – updates to postcard price cells
  • Periodicals (PS Form 3541) – updates to all price cells 
  • International (PS Form 3700) – updates to price cells in Part A only. 

Changes for the April 2016 release only affect price cells for Market Dominant products and services. Mailers are strongly encouraged to use the new postage statements to ensure accurate billing and postage payment. Mailers needing additional time to convert to the new statements beyond an initial 30 day period should contact the PCSC for an extension.
All mailers who use hard copy postage statements should convert to the 2016 versions no later than July 17, 2016. 
The Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®) and DMM Advisories are available on Postal Explorer® (

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