Explosions Rock Chinese Port City
Posted on August 14th, 2015

The August 12 explosions at a warehouse storing hazardous materials in the Chinese city of Tianjin have already claimed 56 lives and hospitalized 700 others, as of reporting on August 14. The force of the explosion, estimated to be the equivalent of 21 tons of TNT, caused extensive damage to buildings in the surrounding area. Fires are still burning and public health concerns have been raised about the release of substance such as calcium carbide and sodium cyanide. Ruihai International Logistics Company operates the warehouse, but it has not made any public statements about the blast.
Tianjin, located about 70 miles southeast of Beijing, is home to 13 million people. It is the world’s tenth largest port by throughput and serves as Beijing’s maritime gateway. It is a major center for the import of cars and a hub for trade for metals and steel, according to the BBC. Logistics operations in the city are resuming, according to the Wall Street Journal’s reporting but bottlenecks are likely to persist.

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